Woman Gives Birth Baby In Ocean, Watch Viral Video

In a rare incident a woman delivered a baby boy in the ocean. Later she posted the video on social media which went viral. The lady called it ‘free birth’.

Water births have been happening for some time now, but what happened to 37-year-old Josy Peukert is certainly singular. The woman gave birth to her son in the waters of the Pacific Ocean on February 27, after she had never undergone any diagnostic checks during her pregnancy.

The moment in which the woman gave birth to her child was immortalized in a video, which was then posted on Instagram by the mother’s partner, immediately receiving a high number of views and comments. The very particular water birth took place near Playa Majagual in Nicaragua, and the video was posted on the same day of the birth.

This type of birth is known as a “free birth” and does not involve any medical assistance. The partner took steps to accompany the mother to the beach, bringing various tools necessary for the birth phase, including towels and a sieve, with which she took steps to capture the afterbirth.

The mother told the Daily Mail that she chose that day after monitoring the tide situation in the previous days.

When labor began, the other children were with friends, and her husband accompanied her to the beach. The woman said she had had this idea for some time, adding that the sea waves seemed to have a rhythm equal to that of her contractions. A flow so smooth that it makes her feel good.

In the video, some images show her kneeling in the surf, and in one clip, she is seen showing her newborn son to the camera with the umbilical cord still attached. Josy explained that after the birth, she returned to the waters of the Pacific Ocean to cool off. After this operation, the woman got dressed and returned home with her husband and the baby, who weighed 3.5 kilograms at birth.

Josy wanted her son to be born without any medical assistance in order not to have any worries, given that her first birth, which took place in a clinic, had been traumatic and the second child had been born at home with the help of a midwife, whose presence had seemed superfluous anyway.

There was no shortage of comments on social media, both auspicious and shocking: many users, including doctors, were in fact concerned about the potential health risks for mother and child. Infections, bleeding, and complications could have manifested themselves in any childbirth. However, Josy was keen to let it be known that she and the baby are doing well.

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