10 Hilariously Adorable Outtakes From Newborn Photo Shoots

How hard can photography be? Sometimes capturing a “picture-perfect moment” on camera isn’t as easy as it seems – especially when it comes to newborns. Behind every posed photo of a new baby is a surplus of outtakes featuring everything from crying fits to siblings making faces at each other. These imperfect moments show the true realities of welcoming a baby home. It’s all in the expensive camera, right? Well, there might actually be more to it, as these funny do-it-yourself newborn photographers will prove to you in a minute.

1. This tot has some feelings about getting her picture taken.

2. Those cheeks!

Those eyes, cheeks & perfect little raspberry-blowing lips!! ❤ Love this outtake by the amazing

3. The baby who nailed the art of funny faces.

The many wonderful faces of newborn photography! This hilarious series of outtakes from the talented

4. “Get me out of this thing!”

Wrap the baby” they said “It’ll help her sleep” they said… this hilarious outtake from the talented

5. The moment she found out the Easter bunny isn’t real.

This has all those Monday feels! Adorable capture by

6. A priceless combination of expressions.

This priceless outtake by the extremely talented

7. This little one is less than thrilled about her outfit.

That look is priceless!!!!

8. That feeling when you’re having a bad hair day.

I’m sorry lady, you want me to what… sleep? Oh, you must have me confused with some other baby!! 😆 This seriously fabulous outtake

9. “I’ll show you what I think of your fancy camera equipment.”

10. The beginning of a beautiful sister, um, rivalry.

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