2-Month-Old Baby Says “I Love You” To Mum

Parents and relatives like to argue about the things a baby says. Or to be more specific, those baby sounds that they think form words. Moms and dads refuse to accept that those are just random sounds that seem to sound like a coherent word. It’s not gibberish for proud parents. And really, who can blame them? Even dogs have been known to produce English-sounding words. It sounds like this baby is trying to mimic what her mother said to her. After the video was posted online people couldn’t help but express their feelings on what they heard the baby say. So what do you think she’s saying?

Here’s a video of an eight-week-old baby girl. The video begins with her mommy who is off-camera cooing loving things to her baby.

“You’re so cute,” she says to her baby.

“Really?” mom asks.

“Did you have a good Christmas? Did you? Did you get everything you wanted? Was Santa good to you? Yeah? I’m glad you had a good time. You’re such a happy baby.”

“Mommy loves you. Momma loves you. I love you,” she says to her baby.

Then mom gets a response she wasn’t expecting at all. Her baby coos back to her and it sounds as if the baby is saying “I love you” to her mom.

“Aww did you say I love you?” mom asks her baby laughing. “I love you, sweetheart.”

We’re not sure if this baby actually said “I love you” but it sure does sound like it. You can almost see the struggle on the baby’s face as it tries to work out the tongue and mouth movements when all of a sudden, BOOM! The baby says, “I love you” right back, shocking her mom!

It’s become an internet sensation with over 8.5 million views. People do enjoy videos of babies. That undeniable innocence and air of mystery that is in the world of babies make people wonder about life sometimes. So have you decided as to what this baby girl said? The first three years of a child are ᴇxᴛʀᴇᴍᴇly important when it comes to the number of words spoken to them. It affects them more than the years after, including their first years and school and the first people they converse with. Yes, even the parents. “Such early utterance has a lot of social work to do. They’re more about enabling an interaction than about referring to something specific. So it seems as if ka (baby sounds) was less an act of naming than the on switch for a shared experience.”

It really is a formation of sorts in which parents are directly responsible. There is always time to talk to your baby. You can’t possibly be that busy. How do you talk to a baby, you ask? Normally. Tell them about your day, what you’re doing, explain to them what you’re doing for them, and even read aloud to them. So what do you think? Was it an “I love you“? Let’s see what the viewers had to say. “Aww the baby is so adorable she seriouly said I love you”. That’s one. Others are more doubtful, “Who else didn’t hear it?!” Easy now. There are eight million people or so ready to defend this baby.

You can tell this is one happy baby! As she hears her mom talking to her, she gets so excited. Babies really are the most innocent things in the world!

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