12 Photos Of Grandparents Meeting Their Grandbabies That’ll Totally Restore Your Faith In All Things Love

You don’t have to look far on the Internet these days to discover uplifting content, but we feel that few things are more moving than seeing a grandmother meet their little grandchild for the first time. That moment when a face etched by decades of affection meets the family’s newest member and bursts with emotion…

Whether they were newly minted grandparents or made a grandma and grandpa four times over, these relatives were overcome with joy at the sight of their grandchildren—and those emotional meetings were all caught on camera. Scroll through these heartwarming photos to witness the moments grandparents first laid eyes on the newest addition to their family.

It’s a Girl

These grandparents, who come from a large family of males, were overjoyed to meet their baby granddaughter. “It’s hard to think we’ve finally gotten a daughter… after four sons and three grandchildren,” the ecstatic grandfather said. “Look at how lovely she is,” the grandma said.

Sibling Meet-and-Greet

Grandparents aren’t the only ones anxious to meet the new baby. This grandmother brought her daughter, now a big sister, to meet baby Avery for the first time the day after he was born.

Swaddled with Love

There’s nothing quite like cradling a baby in your arms and reveling in their warmth and softness.

Fourth Generation

During the birth of his kid, the father, a marine, was stationed overseas. His grandparents, in his place, were present to greet his newborn—and their great-grandson—into the world. Photographer Casey Hendrickson stated, “Absolutely nothing could wipe the smiles off their cheeks.” “Watching them welcome this new kid into their lives was simply the loveliest thing.”

A Labor of Love

This devoted grandmother was in the birthing room throughout her daughter’s labor, waiting on the little one’s arrival. As soon as baby Aspen was born, grandma came rushing in to give her daughter—and granddaughter—an emotional embrace.


Holding their new grandchild, gazing at that little face while offering a pacifier, these grandparents are in heaven.

Pure Joy

There’s no mistaking the elation in this grandmother’s expression as she holds her new grandchild. “She was so genuinely happy and excited!” photographer Kasie Tanner said. “She was making faces and jumping up and down, all the while crying her eyes out. She was the cutest!”

Grace Meets Grace

It’s all about the timing. “There have been a few occasions when I’ve had to stop filming because the tears wouldn’t stop falling. Photographer Neely Ker-Fox stated, “This was one of those occasions.” “I usually tell my customers that the baby will arrive when the Lord thinks it’s time, even if that time is set for you. This moment would not have occurred if Grace had been born three days later on her scheduled c-section date. Her namesake happened to be in the same hospital and was able to meet her newest great-grandchild.”

Four Generations of Women

It was a room full of celebration, as four generations gathered to welcome the newest member of their family. A newborn baby girl was greeted by her mom, two grandmothers, and great-grandmother.

Double The Love

Life is full of lots of ups and downs and many amazing moments but yesterday hands down took the prize!!

Grandma Looking So In Love

Could little Ethan be any cuter? This April baby was born with the sweetest cheeks, and his grandma was understandably smitten.

And this one, of a grandma who definitely has her hands full

My 92-Year-Old Grandmother Meeting My 2-Day-Old Daughter For The First Time. Life Comes And Goes, But It’s Always Beautiful

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