Woman, 26, Who Gave Birth To Nonuplets Calls Them ‘Gifts From God’

Halima Cissé and her husband, Abdelkader Arby, welcomed 9 children including 5 girls and 4 boys, also entered the Guinness Book of Records on May 4, 2021 and just celebrated their first birthday.

The babies were born at 30 weeks of pregnancy, and although they are still being monitored by the hospital, their father says they are in good health. The girls, Fatouma, Adama, Kadidia, Hawa and Oumou, and their brothers, Oumar, Bah, Mohammed VI and Elhadji, feel great and grow and get stronger day by day. “They all climbed already. There are children who can sit up and even walk if they cling to something,” said the proud father.

Halima Cissé also said her family makes her very happy, but she admits that taking care of a newborn is sometimes exhausting. But no matter how exhausting parenting is, parents feel blessed. In addition to their children, they also have a 3-year-old daughter, Souda. “It wasn’t easy, but it felt great,” Arby said. Before the babies were not born, the mother was transferred to a clinic in Morocco, and Arby stayed in Mᴀʟɪ with their daughter, but the family was finally able to reunite last October.

At first, doctors thought that 26-year-old Halima Cissé was giving birth to seven children, but at the Ain Borja Clinic in Casablanca, where the mother was transported before giving birth, they discovered that there were actually nine children. young. “Fortunately, this does not stop us, as we have one of the largest neonatal resuscitation services in Morocco. Our team is ready to receive the children and we can handle them in the best conditions,” said Dr. Youssef Alaoui, a doctor at the hospital.

Cissé’s children broke the world record previously held by Nadya Suleman’s eight babies. “Nine babies are extremely rare and until Cissé’s children were born, there have been no documented cases in which all nine babies have survived for more than a few hours,” says the Guinness Book of Records. Babies’ development will continue to be monitored in the hospital and families will gladly celebrate every milestone in their lives. “Nothing can be better than the first year. We will remember the wonderful moments we are going through,” said the father.

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