12-Year-Old Girl Helps Deliver Sibling

Zack took photos of this emotional delivery scene while the young girl helped her mother to deliver her baby brother. Zack took the photos of her little daughter delivering her baby brother and shared the photos via his Facebook account. Jacee said that she was very excited but this was the most beautiful moment of her life.

Jacee Delapena, a 12 years old girl from Mississippi, USA, helped her mother through labor. Jacee, age 12, went to the hospital with her mother for labor. The doctor asked her if she wanted to assist with the birth, so she entered the delivery room and helped her mother through the delivery of her baby brother.

Jacee had asked to participate in the delivery of her brother Zadyn 18 months ago, but her parents didn’t accept this request as she was too young. This baby was the last baby of the family, so her parents wanted their daughter to participate in the delivery process.

Her father Jack tried to capture every moment while the doctor helped Jacee to deliver the baby.

The doctor allowed her to assist during the labor. Jacee said, “I started to cry because I thought I won’t be able to see labor as I was very short.” Jacee wore a surgical gown and latex gloves. 

Trying to pull her baby brother’s head out, Jace started to scream and burst into tears while she was holding and pulling her baby brother’s head out. 

12 years old Jacee Dellapena whose biggest dream was to help to deliver her baby brother, cut the umbilical cord of her baby brother as per doctor’s instructions. 

“Actually I delivered him. The doctor really allowed me to do things in the labor and take the baby out. “I said to myself that I played doctor before, but this time it was real and I was very nervous.”  

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