18 Year-old Woman Gives Birth On the Side of the Road

After a pc-section, Kaylee Wilson experienced a crazy pregnancy and a free birth. Her previous pregnancy resulted in a c-section after her homebirth midwife disregarded her because she was past the normal 42-week mark. She was admitted to the hospital and forced to have an induction, which regrettably resulted in a c-section.

She seized control of the situation for this pregnancy and restored her authority and parental rights. Her water began to leak at 42+1. After that, she went through six days of early labor and around thirty hours of forced pushing before giving birth to her son.

When her son was born, if you look closely, you can see that the baby’s head molded to the side, indicating that he was asynclitic. This could be one of the causes of the ‘longer’ labor and the early involuntary pushing (not that there is a regular labor). When the contraction isn’t strong enough to rotate the baby on its own, your body will seek for assistance by pushing unintentionally to give the contraction additional force.

This birth story demonstrates the importance of patience and faith. Many medical professionals and hospitals would have terminated labors like these before the baby was ready to be born. However, it is clear that all labors like this only require time for the mother and the baby to get along; eventually, their path will spontaneously emerge.

The most protective thing this mother could have done for herself and her child was to give birth naturally. Because of all the out-of-the-ordinary events she underwent, I can say with certainty that if this hadn’t been a freebirth, she would have had another c-section.

Her three girls, mother, an unlicensed midwife, and her husband were all present for the birth. She also had her three daughters with her at all times. She was created in a natural environment, in a field near their house.

Miraculous Freebirth: Husband Caught Baby

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