Tiny Mom Poses With Big Twin Girls, Netizens Can’t Believe They Are Her Daughters

A new mum has told of the unusual reaction she faced after sharing a video of her holding her twin girls online. Alexis LaRue, 22, went viral after posing with her seven-month-old twins, with viewers left stunned at their size.

Alexis, from Minneapolis–Saint Paul in Minnesota, USA, weighed 49 kilograms and was 5-foot-3-inch-tall before she got pregnant. At 38 weeks of her pregnancy, Alexis’ weight increased to 82 kilograms.

In March, Alexis welcomed her twins, Camila and Elena, who weighed a pretty small 6lb 7oz at birth. Now, they are seven months old, and already weigh a staggering 21 lbs each. Within seven months, the twins have tripled their birth weight. Now, at nearly seven months old, the cute tots have already tripled their birth weight at almost 21lbs each.

Alexis said: “They just really seem to enjoy trying new foods. Whenever I am eating something, they always stare at me as if they’re waiting for me to give them some.” Alexis was ecstatic when she learned she was pregnant with her fiancé Leo Mejia, 23, when she was 21.

“My one life ambition was to be a mother, so I was overjoyed when it became a reality,” she continued. “My first ultrasound was when I was just six weeks pregnant, and we saw two small sacs on the screen.”

“Not having any twins in our families, I was completely shocked, but I was also so excited.”

The stay-at-home mum added: “In the twin community, it’s pretty normal to expect babies around 5lbs or less. The mum said: “It’s funny because when I posted that video, I didn’t think much of it. I actually didn’t think my babies were that big until I started reading all of the comments.”

Astonished viewers have made the following comments: “”Those are eight-year-olds” and “they would be higher than you if they stood on top of each other.” Alexis has also been accused of editing her films or using a filter to make the females appear larger, although she denies this.

She stated, ” “I can tell that the perspective of some of the films exaggerates their size significantly.

“I actually posted a video not too long ago weighing and measuring the babies so people could get an idea of how big they actually are.

“I do also get a lot of accusations of overfeeding them, however, it is very difficult to overfeed a baby.

“They’re both in the upper percentiles for weight and height,” Alexis explained. “I find myself needing to purchase their new clothes on a regular basis since they grow so quickly.”

Camila and Elena are achieving all of their goals while also being the most famous twins on the video-sharing app. Alexis said: “If there is one thing I would like everyone to know, it is to remember that all babies are different. They all grow at a different pace, mine just happens to be growing very quickly.

“They are very healthy, happy, and full of personality. Always remember to be kind.”

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