Adorable Pictures Captured The Beautiful Journey From Bump To Baby

Pregnancy is such a beautiful experience, therefore we try to record every moment, even the tiniest things like every centimeter that our bump develops. We wonder what our infant will look like when it is in our arms as they become bigger every day.

Parents experience great excitement as they wait to meet their child, and recording the process from belly to newborn will give you something to keep and reflect on in the future.

We invited members of our Parent Squad to post their bump-to-baby photographs, sort of like a before-and-after photo, because we wanted to share this lovely experience with you. These beautiful pictures represent the last weeks of pregnancy, the first few days after having a baby, and more.

Sarah Jane – My monthly progress and beyond!

Kyla – 40 weeks pregnant and 40 weeks old!

Andrea – Around 7 hours before I went into labour and then 7-8 days after I had my little girl!

Charlie – My bump to baby picture!

Danielle – Bump in Aug nearly 8 months pregnant and Ffion now 6 months old!

Lauren – 32 weeks in vs out!

AG – 29 weeks in (the day of my C-sᴇᴄᴛɪᴏɴ) vs 29 weeks out!

Roxanne – From bump to those first cuddles!

Emma – From bump to swinging into motherhood!

Ojhanie – My bump to baby pic!

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