Nigerian Woman Gives Birth On Turkish Airlines Flight

Such an instance has occurred before. Unexpected births that shocked both the mother and the entire flight crew are a common occurrence in history. Again, a newborn breathes its first air while floating in the clouds.

Nweke Ifeoma, a Nigerian woman, gave birth to a child while she was in flight on Monday from Istanbul, Turkey, to Manchester, Great Britain.

The flight was rerouted to Vienna International Airport, where paramedics were ready for the woman and her newborn child, according to a Turkish-run news agency, Anadolu Agency, on Tuesday.

According to additional UK sources, Ifeoma gave birth to a baby girl on Monday after going into labor during the flight.

The flight attendants attempted to move the Nigerian passenger to a more private area of the aircraft and announced that they were looking for a doctor over the loudspeaker.

Fortunately, while the jet is at 33,000 feet, a doctor walked up and expressed interest in assisting the air hosts and hostesses deliver the baby.

Later, when speaking to the Turkish media, air hostess Hakan Dogan said that he and his coworkers had handled the passenger “in accordance with the training we got in first aid lessons.”

Cabin crew members are trained for these kinds of scenarios, according to a spokeswoman for Turkish Airlines, who confirmed the incident in a statement.

According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, women are often prohibited from flying after 36 weeks of pregnancy for domestic travel and after 28 to 35 weeks for foreign travel, depending on the carrier.

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