Powerful Photos: Best Friend Becomes Surrogate Mother

The most beautiful act is giving birth, but this birth was especially wonderful because it was the gift of surr.ogacy that gave life to her companions. These mothers first met 25 years ago and will always be connected by this act of love, selflessness, and living.

What is su.rrogacy?

A person who consents to carry and give birth to a child on behalf of another is said to be a surro.gate. The intended parent or parents receive cu.stody and guardian.ship of the child once it is born from the birth parent. Complex le.gal and m.edical standards that must be met when using a su.rrogate. It’s critical to understand the procedure, have expert cou.nsel, and establish helpful networks.

A woman who has been art.ificially inse.minated with the father’s s.perm is referred to as a traditional sur.rogate. After that, they deliver the infant for you and your partner to raise.

The biological mother of the child is a traditional surro.gate. That’s because the father’s sp.erm only fert.ilized their egg. S.perm from don.ors can also be used.

Gestational su.rrogates: Using the procedure known as “in vi.tro fer.tilization” (IVF), it is now feasible to collect the mother’s (or a don.or’s) eggs, fe.rtilize them with the father’s (or a do.nor’s) sp.erm, and then im.plant the em.bryo into a gestational sur.rogate’s u.terus.

After then, the surro.gate gives birth to the child. Since their egg wasn’t used, they have no genetic connection to the child.

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