“Babies With Teeth” Photos Are Creepy, But Somehow They Become Social Media Hit

‘Babies With Teeth’ is a photo project with its very own Facebook page that unnerves and prompts laughs. Mum and family photographer Ashley Evans, who hails from Texas USA, started it all when she superimposed adult teeth on her two-month-old son using FaceApp.

A phrase you often hear when it comes to children is “they grow up so quickly”. Not quickly enough, though, for Texas-based lifestyle and family photographer Ashley Evans. Oh no, she’s been force-growing babies in Photoshop by giving them teeth. And, yes, that’s just as ᴛᴇʀʀɪꜰʏing and hilarious as it sounds!

When I first saw one of these pictures scroll up to my Facebook feed, I skipped by it. But then I had to scroll back because something wasn’t right about it. Then it struck me what it was. I couldn’t look away, so, DIYP got in touch with Ashley to find out more about what has now become the Babies with Teeth project… and why?!?

The whole thing started as an experiment with the FaceApp mobile app. She wanted to see how her young 2-month-old son would look with teeth. She found the results so hilarious she found a picture of her daughter as a baby, did the same, and posted the photos to a private Facebook group. Ashley was soon swamped with requests from the other mums in the group to do the same to pictures of their babies, and so a movement was formed.

After posting the images to a small Facebook group, she became inundated with requests from other mothers to do this to their children, too. She soon realized, though, that FaceApp wasn’t going to be able to cut it. While it sometimes did an ok job, there were a lot of images that it just didn’t know how to deal with. So, she switched to doing them in Photoshop.

Ashley has received so many requests, that she says it’s kind of spiraled out of control now. Babies With Teeth now has more than 2,000 followers, despite being reasonably new, and you’ll find more than 120 photos of little babies sporting adult teeth. Each baby is given a name and an age and a funny caption.

“Everyone loves Babies With Teeth! I haven’t had any bad reactions at all. I think it’s something that’s so weird yet so funny. It’s hard to not look at it and it makes everyone laugh because it’s so unusual. Plus, babies are cute and everyone loves babies.

EVERYONE wants me to put teeth on their babies. My husband is annoyed with it.”

Ashley says she does still sometimes use the app on some images, but much of the time she loads them into Photoshop. The lighting and position of the babies in a lot of the shots is something the app can’t deal with. And as many of the images submitted are made with mobile phones, they don’t always offer the best starting point. So, Photoshop offers more control to help things match.

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