These Beautiful C-Section Birth Photos Are Nothing Short of Amazing

Jessica Bender is a photographer who specializes in maternity, newborn, children, and family shoots, but she was recently given a very special opportunity to photograph a C-section birth. Mama-to-be Felicia mentioned the great photograph during a prenatal shot and told Bender that if she had a C-section birth, she wanted her to be there to snap images.

Well, it happened, and “Little Man L” was finally born after 72 hours — yes, you read that right! — via C-section. Bender captured the entire thing, and Felicia said that the photos make her feel like she was more present during the birth.

Bender commented in her blog post about the session, “Feeling disconnected is something that I commonly hear from moms who deliver via c-section, so it was really special to hear that the images helped Felicia feel more present in the delivery of her baby boy.” These photos are absolutely breathtaking, and there is no doubt in our minds that Felicia and her family will cherish these beautiful snaps forever.

“Despite the fear and uncertainty flooding this mama as she is wheeled into an emergency C-section, she couldn’t help but smile as she realizes she’s about to meet her baby.”

“It truly breaks me when I hear that folks feel shame over their cesarean birth. When they internalize the message that their body failed or that they took ‘an easy way out.’ Cesarean birth isn’t easy. It’s not a failure. Cesarean birth requires bravery, courage, release, and strength … just like every other birth experience.

“Due to a unique set of circumstances, which included an extraordinarily large OR, this mom was able to have her partner, her mother and two birth photographers present with her during the birth and through recovery. She had such respect from each and every provider. It was a real testament to what family-centered cesareans can actually be like.”

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