When Pregnant Mothers Transform Into Disney Princesses

In addition to younger girls and women in their twenties, pregnant women can now dress as Disney princesses like Jasmine from “Aladdin” or Cinderella from “Sleeping Princess.” Girls are frequently brought back to their childhood fantasies of beautiful princesses when they visit Disney. Despite the passing of time, the women in this wonderful collection of images still appear attractive and lovely when they are moms. Every woman should experience this, particularly when taking care of young children. The aspirations of these five expectant women to be princesses have just been realized.

Victor and Marie Luna are a couple photographers in Texas. They have released a set of the cutest maternity photos ever. The series was taken at Newman Castle in Bellville, Texas, for five women with the theme “Princess Disney”.

According to the couples, the mothers in the photo shoot were extremely excited to see the end result, and the couple said they were also happy to immerse the mothers in the royal setting. in Disney fairy tales. The couple added a few extra touches to the original look like ribbons, headgear and flowers to represent the princesses.

The five model mummas teamed up  the mastermind dressmakers from Sew Trendy Accessories to stage a Disney princess maternity photo shoot that will take your breath away. Draped in curve-hugging gowns, the women are glowing with princess (and pregnancy) power and look even more elegant than their cartoon counterparts.

Each mama is made up to match their princess counterpart, right down to the prop. So Cinderella cradles a glass slipper in one of the photos. Belle carries a red rose and Snow White holds an apple. And let’s not forget about the fancy accessories including Belle’s signature pearl necklace, Jasmine’s jewel-encrusted neck piece and Tiana’s crown of white water lilies. 

Getting the women ready for the shoot wasn’t an easy process but it was certainly worth it! What a wonderful way to mark the magic, the wonder and the beauty that is pregnancy. The five mums have all either welcomed their little ones or are eagerly counting down the last few days until their bubs arrive.

“They were incredibly excited to see the final photos! It made us feel so happy that they were feeling like actual princesses.” Marie explains.

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