Baby Products That Are Banned For Good Reason

Us parents want the best for our children. Baby products are generally a blessing in disguise for new mommies. From diapers, feeding bottles and cradles to those soothing baby bath stuff, a mother can confidently rely on them to make her life a bit easier. And manufacturers too are constantly coming up with new ideas for baby products. However, despite extending that much-needed helping hand, some products may actually prove fatal in unimaginable ways. Reason enough for authorities to ban some of them for good measure. Here are a few such items and know why they have been banned:

  1. Baby Powder

Baby powder seems so innocuous but it turns out some ingredients, namely talc, are quite dangerous. In a recent settlement, Baby Powder giant Johnson and Johnson was ordered to pay 417 million in damages to Eva Echeverria who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and claimed it was caused by decades of use of the baby powder (it was later tossed out by judges). Her lawyer said, “There’s a problem all over the country with women using talcum powder on a daily basis for 10, 20, 30, 40 years.” At this point the science is not conclusive with some studies finding small to moderate cancer risk increases, but the studies involve women self-reported. Either way, why take the chance? Many women are switching to talc-free powder just to stay on the safe side.

  1. Bumbo Baby Seats

Bumbos were brightly colored baby seats that helped babies sit upright. However, what was initially thought to be a great idea soon brought to the fore increased incidents of serious falls and skull fractures.

This used to happen each time the baby would bend over and the seat gave way, making them topple over. With such serious fatalities, no wonder that it was eventually banned

  1. Baby Sling Carriers

They look cute and are an amazing way of creating a sense of close contact with your baby. However, baby sling carriers apparently lead to suffocation of the baby if carried too close. There is also the risk of an older baby slipping out through the sling while napping.

  1. Walkers

Baby walkers were earlier a staple in every family. Many new parents swore that their little one learned to take those ‘baby steps’ better with the help of the walker. But soon, many cases of babies tripping over stairs or crashing into stoves or electrical items were reported.

This is because babies’ legs are not sturdy enough to get a hold on the walker’s tiny wheels, making them spin out of control. This is why some countries strongly discourage the use of baby walkers. But they are completely banned in Canada.

  1. Crib Tents

Crib tents, also called tent mesh, were initially meant to safeguard a sleeping baby from bugs and insects. It was also used to protect them from pets who might venture inside the crib and hurt the baby.

But the problem with this product are those underwires that facilitate folding of the tent for easy storage. Something that wraps up so quickly and tightly can easily wrap around your baby leading to easy suffocation or even strangulation.

  1. Drop-Side Cribs

These were cribs that came with the convenience of a movable side from where the parents could easily pick their baby without having to bend over the railing. However, this open side of the railing was not baby proof and resulted in some infant deaths due to suffocation and strangulation. It was soon banned

  1. BPA Bottles

Known as Bisphenol A, it helps to harden plastic and was widely used earlier to produce baby bottles and sippy cups. However, it was later found that BPA could lead to serious developmental issues in babies. Eventually, in 2010, the use of BPA in all baby products was banned across major countries of the world.

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