Brotherly love! Brothers Become Dads Together After Their Partners Give Birth On The Same Day

Inseparable siblings become first-time dads within HOURS of each other at the same hospital – with their sons delivered by the same midwife. George Robinson, 30, and sibling Joe, 27, from Redditch, Worcestershire, had been joking about who would be a dad first after they found out their partners were expecting last summer. But the brothers were stunned after their parents went into labor on the same day, with both babies delivered by midwife Ami Turner at Worcestershire Royal Hospital just over two hours apart. 

Joe’s wife Ellie, 27, gave birth to 7lb 3oz Reginald – who was five days early – at 3.48pm on April 18, while George’s fiancee Hayley Bocking, 26, had 8lb 3oz baby Oliver by C-Section at 6.05pm.

George said: ‘We always said we’d end up being dads on the same day but never thought it would actually happen.

‘Reginald wasn’t due for another week but he obviously couldn’t wait to meet his cousin.

‘It’s not every day something like that happens. You don’t expect it to happen.

‘Joe and myself both found out we were going to be dads at the same time at a family party last year when we both announced the news so it’s funny how it’s all turned out.’

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