Mother Delivers Her Own Baby in Toilet – Unassisted Home Birth

Brittany Noschese, 29, from Maryland, intended to give birth to her son, Nash, in a birthing tub she had set up in her bedroom because she wanted to give birth in the privacy of her own home.

The mother of four hopes that sharing her experience would show others that they already possess the potential to give birth.

“Births do not always go as expected, but each one has the potential to be a happy and empowering event.” Each birth narrative is special and revered.

Brittany woke up in the wee hours of the morning with a need to urinate, which was followed by another need less than twenty minutes later.

The third time, though, there was blood, and she realized she was about to give birth right away.

She woke up her 31-year-old husband Zane, who dialed their doula, midwife, and birth photographer, but none of them picked up.

“I knew it was going to happen and that I was going to meet my little one very soon,” she continued.

I was having a hard time finding a comfortable position on the birthing ball because my body was moving forward so quickly.

My contractions had begun, but the tub wasn’t quite full enough for me to enter.

For the remaining time, I knelt down, but when I attempted to sit down on the toilet, I suddenly felt a tremendous pressure on the bottom of my belly.

Brittany recalled experiencing a “big pop” as her water broke, forcing her to give delivery on the toilet as the baby was on the way.

The baby was “slowly making his way down in my body as I sat back down on the toilet,” she recalled.

My body pushed; I didn’t. The head is coming, I informed Zane. I chose to remain on the toilet since I felt at ease there.

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